Simultaneous observations of magnetopause flux transfer events and of their associated signatures at ionospheric altitudes

first_imgAn extensive variety of instruments, including Geotail, DMSP F11, SuperDARN, and IMP-8, were monitoring the dayside magnetosphere and ionosphere between 14:00 and 18:00 UT on 18 January 1999. The location of the instruments provided an excellent opportunity to study in detail the direct coupling between the solar wind, the magnetosphere, and the ionosphere. Flux transfer events were observed by Geotail near the magnetopause in the dawn side magnetosheath at about 4 magnetic local time during exclusively northward interplanetary magnetic field conditions. Excellent coverage of the entire dayside high-latitude ionosphere was achieved by the Northern Hemisphere SuperDARN radars. On the large scale, temporally and spatially, the dayside magnetosphere convection remained directly driven by the interplanetary magnetic field, despite the highly variable interplanetary magnetic field conditions, including long periods of northward field. The SuperDARN radars in the dawn sector also measured small-scale temporally varying convection velocities, which are indicative of flux transfer event activity, in the vicinity of the magnetic footprint of Geotail. DMSP F11 in the Southern Hemisphere measured typical cusp precipitation simultaneously with and magnetically conjugate to a single flux transfer event signature detected by Geotail. A study of the characteristics of the DMSP ion spectrogram revealed that the source plasma from the reconnection site originated downstream of the subsolar point. Detailed analyses of locally optimised coordinate Systems for individual flux transfer events at Geotail are consistent with a series of flux tubes protruding from the magnetopause, and originating from a high-latitude reconnection site in the Southern Hemisphere. This high-latitude reconnection site agrees with plasma injected away from the subsolar point. This is the first simultaneous and independent determination from ionospheric and space-based data of the location of magnetic reconnection.last_img read more

Utility of geolocating light loggers to indicate at-sea movements in sea turtles

first_imgAs marine turtles traverse entire ocean basins, a number of techniques have been developed to gather information on their movements at sea. These range from basic methods, such as mark and recapture using flipper tags, to more technically advanced, expensive approaches, such as satellite tracking. Here we report the first published use of geolocation by light, using global location sensing (GLS) units, to estimate the locations of marine turtles in the Mediterranean. We attached units to 9 green Chelonia mydas and 3 loggerhead Caretta caretta turtles which had nested in Cyprus in previous years. One individual of each species was also fitted with a satellite transmitter for comparison. GLS units were retrieved on subsequent visits made by instrumented turtles during the same nesting season. In total, 28 GLS units were recovered from 12 individuals. The mean great-circle distance between the mean daily position calculated from satellite tracking and the corresponding mean light-based geolocation over the same time period was 50.3 km for green turtles and 57.6 km for loggerhead turtles. We suggest that GLS technology offers potential utility for identifying large-scale movements, migratory pathways, and over-wintering or foraging sites of adult female marine turtles.last_img read more

Workers hospitalized after carbon monoxide leak on submarine

first_img UK: Workers hospitalized after carbon monoxide leak on submarine View post tag: Astute-Class Shipbuilders and Royal Navy personnel working on the UK’s newest Astute-class submarine were taken to hospital on Saturday after a carbon monoxide leak was discovered inside the submarine.According to North West Evening Mail, the evacuation from future HMAS Audacious started when sensors detected high carbon monoxide levels.Some 18 workers were taken to hospital following the incident as a precaution and returned to work in the afternoon, according to the report.HMAS Audacious, built by BAE Systems in Barrow in Furness, was launched in April this year and is expected to start sea trials in 2018.The 7,400 tonne, 97-metre long, nuclear-powered submarine is the fourth of overall seven boats that will be built for the Royal Navy Industry news May 30, 2017 View post tag: BAe Systemscenter_img Back to overview,Home naval-today UK: Workers hospitalized after carbon monoxide leak on submarine View post tag: Royal Navy View post tag: HMS Audacious Share this articlelast_img read more

Drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in…

first_imgRay Clauson Dear Editor:In 2014, it surpassed both car accidents and gun violence in number of deaths.Those with loved ones who are using opiates or heroin need to be aware that opiates are the main contributors to this problem. With drug dealers across the United States mixing new and powerful synthetic drugs into street opiates such as heroin, the chance of accidental overdose has exponentially increased.The drug Fentanyl, U-47700, and Furanyl can be 50 to 100 times more powerful than heroin, making the risk of a fatal overdose much higher. Drug dealers have been using this drug to increase the potency of their heroin at a lower cost.These new drugs are increasing the risk to any who abuse drugs as drug dealers press drugs into pills and selling them under the guise of being something else. Today, those who abuse drugs truly are at risk as there is no telling what drugs they are taking.Now more than ever, it is essential to help those you know who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Trying to help someone with an addiction can be more than frustrating. And although you just want to help, many times they fight against you as if you were the enemy. Don’t be surprised if your loved even accuses you of contributing to their addiction. Hear them out and take their words into consideration but at the end of the day realize getting them sober and continuing to live is the most important thing.These drugs have made it potentially life threatening to be an abuser of any types of drugs. Get yourself educated. If one of your loved ones is struggling with addiction, get them into treatment. Don’t wait until it is too late.There are many different approaches to the challenge of how to help a substance abuser. For free information, learn the steps of how to get someone into treatment for heroin addiction . You can also visit or call 1 800-431-1754 to get help for your loved ones.last_img read more

Councilwoman Fisher endorses mayoral candidate Giattino, whose campaign she co-chairs

first_imgHOBOKEN — Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, who is co-chairing Councilman Jen Giattino’s Hoboken mayoral campaign (along with Councilman Peter Cunningham), officially endorsed Giattino and her slate of three council candidates in an email on Friday. “The day Mayor Zimmer announced her intentions [in June] to not run again, I awoke feeling unsettled and concerned about Hoboken’s future,” Fisher wrote. “To me, the right message going forward for Hoboken is embracing what works, but fixing what doesn’t. And when Jen decided to run for mayor a week later, the unsettled feeling went away. I have been behind her ever since.”Zimmer raised the hackles of some during a May press conference by publicly endorsing Councilman Ravi Bhalla to succeed her. Four other candidates are running for mayor as well.Bhalla and Giattino may split the voters who supported Zimmer in the past. In a crowded campaign landscape, no one knows who will emerge victorious in November.Fisher’s work for Giattino has been criticized by some because Fisher is the head of the Hoboken Democratic Committee, and Giattino is a registered Republican in a traditionally Democratic town. Hoboken municipal elections are non-partisan.Fisher said she doesn’t see this as a conflict. “I don’t have an issue with this at all,” said Fisher by phone. “It’s about what’s important for Hoboken. It is about having the best candidate who’s focused on Hoboken and able to address all issues, and I don’t think party affiliation matters when discussing the potholes on Washington Street or negotiating with developers. I know Jen personally, and philosophically we have way more in common then not. Party politics isn’t involved.”She said that a month ago, she and Giattino were passing out campaign flyers by the ferry, and out of the 200 people they spoke to, only three raised political party concerns, two of whom said they would vote for Giattino because she is a Republican and one who was a Democrat concerned about supporting someone affiliated with the Republican party.“We get the questions on both sides,” said Fisher.She said in the email she sent out on Friday that she supports Giattino for several reasons, one is because she has the qualities of the executive position.She wrote, “Our next mayor needs to be someone who has demonstrated: Experience protecting the quality of life for the residents of Hoboken, Ability to lead and navigate through many prioritizes – big and small – and get things done, Willingness to challenge the status quo; Financial focus to be a steward for taxpayers; and Commitment to working with others to ensure the best outcome for Hoboken. Jen is the only candidate who has all of these.”She added that Giattino has partnered with her on council matters that required deeper financial review including the Suez agreement and 30-year PILOT agreement. She said they share the same view that ad-hoc development is a threat to the community’s quality of life, and other issues.Giattino confirmed on Friday that she and Councilman Peter Cunningham are co-campaign chair for Giattino. The campaign manager is David Lamando. ×last_img read more

Geoff Dossetter, external affairs director, Freight Transport Association

first_imgThe UK economy is in dire need of the construction of purpose-built, efficient and adequate roads to improve bakery delivery and cut the awful cost of congestion. UK transport needs more than a sticking plaster; it needs a major operation.Following the successful experiment of running traffic on the hard shoulder of the M42 in Birmingham, the Department for Transport is to consider extending the operation to other congested motorways. All the news from the M42 trial has been good: reduced journey times; increased reliability; a reduction in accidents; and benefits to motorists, commercial vehicle operators, the environment and the economy. Yet the M42 scheme cost £100 million and has involved road strengthening, the construction of refuge lay-bys, overhead message gantries, CCTV and, key to it all, a sophisticated computer operation to determine when the ’hard shoulder running’ is turned on and off.Using the hard shoulder can inject some quick extra capacity into an overburdened motorway network and is relatively cheap compared to the construction of new roads.The FTA believes the experiment should be repeated elsewhere, but there are no plans for such a scheme on the M25. Instead, full-blown road widening will take place. And that is good news.last_img read more

Respected Plymouth business owner succumbs to COVID-19

first_img Previous articleRussian claims about COVID-19 vaccine met with U.S. skepticismNext articleTwo tornadoes confirmed in Monday’s storms in Michiana Tommie Lee Google+ By Tommie Lee – August 11, 2020 0 430 Google+ Respected Plymouth business owner succumbs to COVID-19 WhatsApp Pinterest Facebook CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Twitter Facebook (Source: License: A long-time member of the Plymouth business community has passed away after contracting the coronavirus.John Oliver, better known around town as “Happy Jack”, was the president of Oliver Ford-Lincoln in Plymouth.His family told WNDU that he was a little tired one day, and 36 hours later he and his wife were both headed to Indianapolis by ambulance.Oliver passed away on Friday, and his wife Jana is still recovering in the hospital. He is being remembered as a philanthropic pillar of the community, and arrangements are still pending.last_img read more

Press release: Parole Board welcomes independent review of victim contact and extended terms of reference for review of parole processes

first_imgThe Parole Board notes the Secretary of State for Justice’s decision not to proceed with Judicial Review proceedings. We are glad that the Secretary of State agrees with our suggestion for an independent review on victim contact in the case of John Worboys.We also welcome the expanded the terms of reference for the Ministry of Justice’s review of the parole process to include victim communication, transparency, and how Parole Board decisions could be reconsidered.We think this is a sensible course of action to take to make sure that the public and especially victims have confidence in the Parole Board’s work.Justice needs to be seen to be done and the Canadian model for victim contact could provide a good starting point.last_img

Press release: Food Waste Champion rallies major players to ‘Step up to the Plate’

first_img Climate change is no longer a buzzword – we must all stand up and be counted. We squander 10 million tonnes of food and drink every year. Businesses throw away food worth an estimated £5 billion and £15 billion is wasted from our homes (on average around £500 a year), the emissions this creates is the equivalent of every third car on the road. We simply must put an end to this. The food waste symposium runs alongside the V&A’s FOOD: Bigger than the Plate exhibition, and bring together big players from the worlds of food retail, hospitality, chefs and social media influencers to promote awareness of food waste and help drive it down from all sources. In 2017, 205,000 tonnes of surplus food in the retail and food manufacturing sectors was wasted. Some of the surplus is difficult to minimise, costly in that it would need to be reworked or repackaged, and some surplus would not be edible. It is estimated by WRAP that 100,000 tonnes of this is both accessible and edible with the remaining being more difficult to redistribute. Food waste in the UK totals 10.2 million tonnes per year, of which 1.8 million tonnes comes from food manufacture, 1 million from the hospitality sector, and 260,000 from retail, with the remainder from households. Anyone can sign up to the ‘Step up to the Plate pledge’ through sending a signed copy of the pledge to [email protected] Food Surplus and Waste Champion Ben Elliot is expected to say: Major players from the worlds of food retail and hospitality, along with social media influencers and chefs, will join forces today to pledge ground-breaking action to drive down food waste, a driver of climate change.Environment Secretary Michael Gove and Minister Thérèse Coffey were among the first to sign up to the pledge – which includes a goal to halve food waste by 2030 – and will today be joined by players in the world of food including Nestlé, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose to help halve food waste by 2030.This comes as Food Surplus and Waste Champion Ben Elliot will today host a major symposium ‘Step up to the Plate’ at London’s prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum.Attendees are expected to sign up to a number of commitments on measuring and reducing their own food waste and inspiring others to follow their lead.Speaking at the event Environment Secretary Michael Gove is expected to say: The food waste symposium runs alongside the V&A’s FOOD: Bigger than the Plate exhibition, which will explore similar themes when it opens to the public on Saturday 18 May.Currently around 55,000 tonnes of surplus food is redistributed from retailers and food manufacturers every year. It is estimated a further 100,000 tonnes of food – equating to 250 million meals a year – is edible and readily available but goes uneaten. Instead, this food is currently sent away for generating energy from waste, anaerobic digestion to be used for fuel and fertiliser, or animal feed. Wasting food squanders the energy and resources used in producing, transporting and packaging, and when sent to landfill it rots and produces methane, contributing to our greenhouse gas emissions.Earlier this year the government launched a £15 million scheme to tackle food waste, building on its landmark Resources and Waste Strategy which sets out how the government will introduce annual reporting of food surplus and waste by food businesses. The first round of successful applicants receiving £4 million of funding has just been announced. Should progress be insufficient, we will consult on legal powers to introduce mandatory targets for food waste prevention.The Resources and Waste Strategy also sets out how the government will ensure weekly collections of food waste, which is often smelly and unpleasant, for every household – restoring weekly collections in some local authorities, subject to consultation.The government is committed to supporting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 2 to end hunger by 2030.Notes to editors:center_img setting an ambitious target to halve food waste by 2030 in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.adopting the WRAP and IGD Food Waste Reduction Roadmap to have half of all 250 of the UK’s largest food businesses measuring, reporting and acting on food waste by 2019. embracing a Food Conversation week of action in November 2019 to highlight the changes we can all make. using their voice and profile to empower and encourage citizens, including the younger generation. changing their habits as an individual to be a Food Value Champion at work and at home, buying only what they need and eating what they buy. I want to thank our Food Surplus and Waste Champion Ben Elliot for bringing together the biggest players from the world of food today to ‘Step up to the Plate’ and slash food waste. Every year, millions of tonnes of good, nutritious food is thrown away. This is an environmental, economic and moral scandal, and I am determined to tackle it. I urge businesses to join me in signing the pledge to deliver real change to stop good food going to waste. The pledge asks attendees to reduce food waste by:last_img read more

The Mad Tea Party To Host Papadosio, TAUK, Spafford, & More

first_imgThe Mad Tea Party Jam will return to the Four Quarters Farm in Artemas, Pennsylvania this June 15-18. This year’s lineup will feature three nights of Papadosio, two nights of TAUK, three nights of BIG Something, and two nights of LITZ. Additionally, Spafford will perform two sets, along with performances from Porky’s Groove Machine and a Led Zeppelin tribute set from Electric Love Machine.This year’s theme will be “Summer of Love” in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the famed 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. All tickets are currently on sale, with more acts to be added soon. Head to the festival’s website for more information.last_img