Meeting Thursday morning to discuss stadium permits

Ticat fans could know as soon as Thursday whether their team will be making its first appearance on home turf this Monday. The city is expected to give an update on the status of inspections for a partial occupancy permit. Today’s reports were looking a bit more optimistic. But some residents remain doubtful after months of broken promises.Lynda Spencer lives beside the new stadium: “You can’t sit outside unless you hose everything down first. You can’t hang your laundry out. You can’t leave your windows open to get fresh air.”Lynda Spencer was hoping to enjoy her porch this summer after enduring months of dusty construction: “I think it’s just desperate measures now.”But with the Labour Day Classic in limbo, and major completion not expected until October, she’s at the end of her rope. She feels the construction company has dragged its heels, only taking advantage of noise by-law exemptions in the final hour.Brian Echlan is a season ticket holder: “They don’t work Sundays barely. They haven’t worked Sundays for months.”Some fans feel the same, keeping a careful eye on the stadium’s day to day progress. Others are more forgiving.Trevor McIsaac is a Ticat fan: “They’re doing good work. It’s coming along real quick.”The Ticats have had their first practice on the field. But whether the stands will be safe to hold fans is yet to be determined.In an email to ticket holders, the team says there are three options. First, the partial occupancy permit is granted and they play here at Tim Hortons Field on Labour Day Monday. Second, it’s delayed a day and they play here Tuesday evening. And third, they don’t get it at all and they play it at the Rogers Centre.Trevor: “It’ll be here.”Brian: “Tuesday at 7. Here.”Lynda: “I myself think they should just call it a day and play it in Toronto.”It’s not up to fans to decide when and where the game will be played — but even they haven’t reached a consensus.Safety construction checks have to be done on the upper level of the stadium. CHCH will attend a media availability at 10:15 Thursday morning that will update the stadium permit process. read more