Deloitte to Conduct Review of Braemore Home Corporation

first_imgAnother step is being taken toward determining the circumstances that led to a recent incident of abuse at Braemore Home Corp. in Sydney. Minister of Community Services Denise Peterson-Rafuse announced today, March 14, that Deloitte will conduct an independent review of the facility. A program and operational review was deemed necessary after the province investigated a case of abuse at Braemore. “This review will help us understand how and why the abuse occurred,” said Ms. Peterson-Rafuse. “It will also help us identify challenges and address how we can work with Braemore in the future to ensure residents are safe and that they, and staff, are getting the support that they need.” Phase one of the process will see Deloitte lead the development of the terms of reference for the review, with input from the department, Braemore, and union leadership. It is expected that the terms of reference will be completed by the end of the month. The second phase of the process is to conduct the review based on the terms of reference. The review will include gathering input from a number of interested parties, including staff, residents, and their families. The review findings will be presented to the department in the spring. Information on government action to improve services for persons with disabilities is available at read more