Jake Butt College GameDay Feature: What’s In A Name

first_imgMichigan tight end Jake Butt looking off into the distance.Screencap/VimeoThe Jake Butt College GameDay feature is set to premiere on ESPN Saturday morning, but here’s a teaser trailer in the meantime.Senior Jake Butt is a 6-foot-6 tight end who plays for Michigan. His last name also happens to be “Butt.”Now, having the last name “Butt” is unfortunate, but playing football at a program like Michigan has to be some consolation, right? What better way to bring honor and prestige to your family name than by succeeding in athletics? Maybe someday, because of Jake Butt, the word “Butt” will be synonymous with “incredibly good athlete.” It’s totally possible. More to the point though, the full College GameDay feature recounting Jake Butt’s pain and suffering from having the last name “Butt” hasn’t been released yet, but a short trailer has.In it he describes the hellish experience of having to take classroom attendance in kindergarten, knowing full well when the teacher calls his name there will be a room full of kids laughing uproariously. It’s great:The full College GameDay feature premieres Saturday morning, 10:55 a.m. ET on ESPN.Update: Here is the full feature on Jake Butt, courtesy of ESPN.Michigan takes on Wisconsin at 3:30 p.m. ET and the game will be broadcast on ABC.last_img read more

Ecofriendly period options

first_imgUse menstrual cups, biodegradable sanitary napkins or organic tampons to ensure you are environment-friendly during menstruation, suggest experts. Experts have shared some tips that can help you remain hygienic during periods. Biodegradable sanitary napkins: Use biodegradable or cotton sanitary napkins or tampons during menstruation. They are good for your skin and lessen the itchy feeling and rashes. Switch to a sustainable eco-friendly menstrual hygiene products like a menstrual cup or organic tampons. If not comfortable with inserting the product up your vagina, try reusable panties/cloth pads. Also Read – Pollution makes you more aggressiveDon’t dispose your sanitary waste in plastic bags. Instead, wrap it in bio-degradable paper or use Oxo-degradable sanitary disposal bags. For your own hygiene: Switch to cotton underwear: Cotton is a breathable material and absorbs moisture. Try to restrict the number of hours spent in a lacey or satin underwear. Get out of sweaty clothes: Wet or damp clothes multiply the risk of bacterial infection in the intimate area. Take a shower and change into fresh and dry clothing post gym/working out or post any form of physical activity. If you can’t shower after swimming or working out, at least change out of your bathing suit or sweaty clothes. Also Read – Physical therapy better for low back painDon’t forget to change your pad and tampon: With the invention of high-absorbency pads and tampons, it’s easy to forget how important it is to change them regularly. But it’s important to change pad or tampons every three-four hours. No scented products: Douching is a practice of cleaning the vagina from inside which is unnecessary. You don’t need to spray water or any chemicals inside to clean it. However, the external genital area/vulva requires gentle care. Use natural, scent free products, and stay away from anything which promises to make your vagina smell like a bed of roses. Never use two pads simultaneously: Some women who experience heavy flow, tend to use two sanitary pads at one go to control the flow and prevent staining of clothes. This, however, is a bad idea as it can cause infections in the vaginal region. Stick to one and keep changing it often if the flow is more.last_img read more