Xbox One Kinect cheat sheet lists 5 gestures and 34 voice commands

first_imgAlthough Microsoft is touting how good Kinect is for gaming on Xbox One, the motion sensor will initially be most useful as an input device for general navigation of the new console’s interface and many non-gaming features.But in order to take full advantage of Kinect, you’re going to need some guidance on how to use it. And thanks to Major Nelson, we now have a cheat sheet readily available to teach us what is possible without having to pick up and use a physical controller or search through a manual.The Xbox One Kinect cheat sheet is available as a PDF document you can download and print out if you want. It breaks input down into gestures and voice commands, of which there are 5 and 34 respectively.The gestures are the easier of the two to remember simply because there are far fewer of them. You can use them to zoom in and out, make a selection, grip and move stuff on the screen, return to the Xbox One home screen, and even restore a game or app to full screen. All 5 gestures can be seen by clicking on the image below:For voice commands things get a little more complicated as there are so many of them. The image below shows the full list and covers the simple things like turning the Xbox One on and off, but also some more complicated tasks. For example, you have an extensive line-up of Transport Controls for media playback including play, stop, pause, fast forward, rewind, faster, slower, skip forward, skip backward, next song, previous song.Microsoft has been clever to build context into the system. That way the words you have to speak remain simple, but relate directly to exactly what has the focus on screen at the moment you speak. This is why the commands are never more than 3 words long, and yet you can voice control notifications, recording game content, navigating menus, making Skype calls, watching TV, and playing back a range of different forms of entertainment.last_img read more