Trump speaks by presidential seal with Russian symbols and golf

first_imgPresident Trump spoke at a Turning Point USA summit Tuesday and stood before what appeared to be the US presidential seal.But further examination revealed the visual put behind him was actually a distorted image of the Presidential seal edited to look like Russia’s coat of arms.When Trump spoke at Turning Point USA summit of young conservative students, the visual put behind him was a parody Presidential seal showing an eagle with 2 heads (Russia), holding golf clubs and cash instead of arrows, and motto “45 es un titere” (Spanish for “45 is a puppet”).— Christian Christensen (@ChrChristensen) July 25, 2019The eagle had two heads, like Russia’s national symbol, and the bird is holding golf clubs instead of arrows.Neither the White House nor the young conservative group knows how the apparent practical joke on the president got on the screen or who created it.“It was a last-minute A/V mistake and , I can’t figure out who did it yet,” a Turning Point spokesperson told The Washington Post.last_img read more