Bordalás: “Ajax is still a favorite, no doubt”

first_imgDid you imagine a night like this?Honestly no. We had the most complicated team, a semifinalist of the Champions League and a great team. We always believe in what we do and the team played a great game. We minimize a team with great offensive vocation. We did not generate clear chances. Only in the final section the team went down a bit due to wear. This team does not know how to look back and in the last action we arrived with five players to finish that against. The 2-0 is a good result, but not definitive. What did you think of Deyverson’s game and his provocation at rest?We are very satisfied with all the players and especially with him. He scored and helped the team a lot. He was cooler than his peers and for high blood pressure and the work was very good. The goal was found in a very good team action. I have not seen what happened, but I have told everyone to forget about provocations.Were you disappointed in the style of Ajax?It has been the merit of Getafe that Ajax has not been able to develop the game we are used to.How should the second leg be raised?Now we have a very important match against a huge rival like Sevilla. The one in Amsterdam will be very difficult in a mythical scenario.Does Geta have more football than those who complain about his way of playing?We don’t have the talent of big teams because we are modest, but we do have a great offensive vocation and we are like that for something.How do you get everything to work so well?Players believe in work that is not a day’s flower. The player realizes that the job makes him better and the team wins. They are very happy with the interpretation of the game and that players who were unknown are making a great championship. A small team like Getafe could have a hard time in LaLiga, but you have to congratulate them all. Today there has been a fantastic atmosphere and we have all enjoyed it very much. Is it the most special game of your career?Fortunately I have left very satisfied with many Getafe matches. I always tell the boys not to set limits. Today was a great game, we enjoyed a lot of people. I congratulate the players and the fans.How do you leave Ajax without knocking on the door?A football team is like the machinery of a watch. If a part fails, the clock stops. Today we function as a clock. We neutralize a rival as powerful as Ajax with a great job.Is he now the favorite Getafe in this tie?It is still the Ajax without any doubt. They have fantastic offensive potential that they have already shown against large teams. We will enjoy this victory for a few hours and be aware that there are 94 minutes left before a team.last_img read more