Review DC Universe Online Soars on Nintendo Switch

first_img DC Universe Online is one of the most successful MMOs out there. It comes as no surprise to see the game is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Those looking for new features or enhancements won’t find it here. This is the same game currently available on PC and consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). However, if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner who wants to play an enjoyable superhero MMO on the go, DCUO is exactly what you’re looking for.The story of DC Universe Online centers around a future version of Lex Luthor unleashing a swarm of robots called Exobytes into Earth’s atmosphere. These nanites give humans across the world superpowers. Why would the villainous Luthor do this? In order to stop the even more villainous Brainiac from conquering Earth. The story serves to explain why there are so many people (i.e. players) running around with powers. It’s very contrived but you can say that about most superhero comic book plots. To that end, DCUO is faithful to the source materialDCUO lets you play as either a villain or a hero. Hero mentors include Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman while villain mentors include Lex Luthor, Joker, and Circe. There are three initial classes to choose from: sorcery, technology, and super strength. Each comes with its own set of attacks and manner of traversal (my personal favorite is flight). As you progress, you’ll unlock additional power sets (for example, the abilities of the Green Lanterns). Though these abilities add some flavor to the base archetypes, they all perform very much the same.Like every MMO, you’ll have to travel the world completing tasks for a number of random characters. This being the DC Universe, it means running errands for the likes of Flash, Batman, Joker, Luthor, and more. You’ll gain levels which in turn give you access to a larger move set. Loot drops at random, so you’ll need to repeat missions in the hopes of snagging better armor, weapons, or accessories. After hitting the level cap of 30, you’ll unlock endgame content such as community events. Considering how this port contains all of the previously released content, there’s no shortage of activities to partake in.I first played DCUO on the PlayStation 3 and dabbled with it on PS4. The Switch version looks closest to its PS3 counterpart. Though the game looked decent back in the day, it appears dated now. This is particularly true of the environments which look dull and washed out. Playing in handheld mode helps hide the primitive graphics to an extent, but even then it’s clear DCUO is from another era. Thankfully, the character models look great. You will not have a hard time telling who is who. Just don’t come into the game expecting a visual powerhouse.At the time of this writing, DCUO on Switch is in its early stages. That means there is little difficulty finding other players to team up with. This is an always-online game, which means staying connected to a server is crucial. So far, I’ve had no issues on that end. I’ve always been able to find a lobby and get together with others. The game never disconnected on me either. I am unsure how this will change over the coming weeks and months. Right now, the Switch version operates on its own servers. Will the devs one day allow Switch users to play with users on PC and console? How would that affect the stability of the world? I can’t answer these questions but it’ll be interesting to see how DCUO holds up in the long run in terms of its network stability and user engagement.Though I had no problems connecting online, exploring the open world came with some issues. In short, DCUO chugs and stutters badly when you’re out in the open environment. I dreaded playing through missions in the open world because of the lag. For example, I’d wail on enemies who seemingly had infinite health one minute then take out the same enemy type with a single hit the next. Having my character clipping across the ground while walking wasn’t fun either. I hope the devs address the horrible lag in the open-world soon. It almost makes DCUO unplayable at points.Things work better when doing missions indoors. The persistent lag of the open world doesn’t exist. This is where Switch users will get to enjoy DCUO in all its glory. Wailing on bad guys with an assortment of melee and power-based attacks is a lot of fun. Like most MMOs, combat is somewhat stiff, but the animations and sound effects make up for some of that. Pulling levers or hacking computer terminals breaks up the combat to some extent. The highlight of each level is always the final boss battle where you go up against a notable DC villain or hero.One thing which may disappoint current DCUO users is that you can’t transfer your existing characters to Switch. If you’ve sunk hundreds or even thousands of hours into your heroes or villains, then you may have little incentive to start over on Switch just because the game is portable. While this sounds bad on the surface, it’s in the interest of fairness. Right now, everyone on Switch is starting from scratch. No one has an advantage over anyone else. If you’re a new user or a lapsed player like myself, this is a good thing. If the Switch servers ever connect with those of the PC and consoles, then everyone will eventually be on the same level playing field.Though graphically unimpressive and suffering lag issues in the open world, DC Universe Online is an overall great MMO for the Nintendo Switch. Not only is it free-to-play, but it contains an insane amount of content. Most importantly, it allows users to live out their fantasies of being a hero or villain in the DC Universe. It will be interesting to see how the Switch version evolves over time. Especially if the Switch servers ever merge with those of the PC and console communities. But at this moment, you cannot go wrong by checking the game out. It’s a lot of fun.Get DC Universe Online for Nintendo SwitchMore on ‘Greedfall’ Brings New Life to Western RPGs‘Ori and The Blind Forest’ Brings More Xbox Indie Goodness to Nintendo SwitchPlay These Nintendo Switch Games Before ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ Stay on target Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form last_img read more