Employee fired for leaking Google pay raise was legendary former Apple engineer

first_imgA couple of weeks ago, Google played Santa early for its employees by giving everyone $1,000.00 as a tax-free Christmas bonus and announcing a 10% universal pay raise for every employee. It was a wonderfully uplifting story for almost half a day, until word came through the pipeline that Google had unceremoniously fired the employee who leaked news to the press about the pay raise.In an interesting new wrinkle to this story, we now know who the Google employee was who was fired: Randy Wigginton, a legendary former Apple engineer (he was Apple’s sixth employee, and wrote the software controller for their first disk drive).It’s not definite, but the evidence is pretty solid: a day after word leaked that an employee was fired, Wiggington’s Wikipedia entry was updated to identify him as a former Google engineer. His LinkedIn profile changed soon thereafter. Additionally, it is widely believed within Google that Wiggington was the employee who was fired.It sounds, though, like Google actually had good reason to fire Wiggington: they had actually warned staff not to leak the pay raise because they didn’t want their employees to be mugged on their way out of the office with $1,000.00 in cash in their hands. Why Google decided to hand out millions of dollars in cash to their employees is a big question — it seems like a lapse of common sense — but we take back our accusation that Google was being a Grinch by firing Wiggington: it seems like they had their employees’ safety at heart.Read more at Valleywaglast_img read more