Race to bring prior actions bill to the Greek parliament

first_imgThe Greek government is racing against time to make a June 21 deadline, marking the last Eurogroup meeting.This means that the Greek parliament has until June 14 to vote on the remaining ‘prior actions’ the country’s creditors demand as a prerequisite in order to conclude the fourth and last review of the bailout program, which is supposed to end in August.In order to make the deadline, the Greek government is including all prior actions in one bill to be presented in Parliament in a fast-track procedure.In most likelihood, the government will manage to pass the draft legislation, but there is speculation that this will lead to a snap election process in 2018, instead of 2019.The reasoning behind this is that the ‘prior actions’ include some unpopular reforms, which combined with the welfare cuts that will be implemented from January onwards, alongside with other austerity measures, the leading coalition party, Syriza will want to act before losing more political capital.However, the House speaker, Nikos Voutsis, insisted that the elections will take place in 2019, and pointed that the next parliament will carry out the task of a constitutional revision. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more