Hoosier hero, David Wolf leads Greensburg students in pledge

first_imgPicture 006Greensburg, In. — Hoosier Astronaut David Wolf took the lead for the Pledge of Allegiance at the Greensburg Community High School Thursday.Dr. Wolf served as chief of the Astronaut Office Extravehicular Activity Branch for much of the International Space Station assembly. He led a team responsible for the development, test and execution of spacewalks from the ISS and space shuttle. This team plays a critical role for ISS assembly, maintenance and repair; requiring innovations to extend EVA capability in the areas of hardware, techniques and human performance. Dr. Wolf has logged 168 days, 12 hours, 56 minutes and 04 seconds in space over four separate missions, including a long-duration mission (128 days) on the Russian MIR space station, which was trained and conducted completely in the Russian language. He has conducted a total of seven spacewalks, using both the American and Russian spacesuits, and has logged 47 hours and 05 minutes of extravehicular activity. He is an active public speaker and is called on to represent NASA in a wide variety of venues to communicate the experience and importance of human space flight.Wolf told the students that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance is very important, but students must remember that a “pledge” is a promise and if it not kept the words mean nothing.last_img

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