Cornelia Ida family attacked by bandits

first_imgA woman, 45, and her two children are now traumatised after armed bandits stormed their West Coast Demerara home last night, in an attempt to rob them.In tears, Gail Atkinson of Cornelia Ida, WCD, told Guyana Times that at approximately 19:00h, she arrived home with her 12-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter and after she drove into the yard, her children went into the house, while she set about locking the gate.A bloodied Gail Atkinson after being gun-butted by armed banditsHowever, the distraught woman stated that two men approached the gate and forced their way inside before she could mentally process what was happening. “I see they coming in and I said, yo, yo, wa wrong with y’all?”The woman said that they then began to curse her, while demanding that she be quiet. Atkinson explained that she refused to obey them since by then her mind had shifted to her two children in the house.In an effort to prevent the men from entering the house (one of which was armed), a scuffle ensued with her and the unarmed bandit.The armed thug used this opportunity to quickly run into the house where he met the woman’s children.According to Atkinson’s young son, his sister ran into the bathroom and locked the door, as he tried to divert the gunman’s attention by hitting him with his school bag. Unfortunately, this resulted in the bandit using his gun to “gun-butt” the child to his head.Guyana Times understands that the man then dragged the young boy upstairs by his shirt, and began to shout and demand that he disclose where “the gold and money were.”When the boy stated that he was unaware of where the valuables were, the gunman ransacked the home, and then made his way back into the yard where Atkinson and his accomplice were still fighting.Atkinson recalled that he braced her to the fence and said “where is the *#$% gold and money? Tell me before I shoot yuh!”After Atkinson contended that she had no gold or money, the man “gun butted” her and then fired four shots into the sky, before fleeing with his accomplice on a bicycle.Atkinson is a mother of three, and her husband works in the interior. The woman expressed that she felt like the bandits knew her, or had been monitoring the home for some time, since they knew exactly what time she would be home and what to ask for.last_img

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