Liberia Urged to Ratify Kampala Convention on IDP

first_imgExecutives of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission in Liberia have called on the National Legislature to ratify the Kampala Convention.The Kampala Convention calls for the establishment of a legal framework for preventing external displacement, and protecting and assisting of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). It is a framework for solidarity, cooperation, promotion of durable solutions and mutual support between state parties. It provides for the respective obligations of armed groups, non state actors and other relevant actors, including civil society organizations.The IDPs are people obliged to flee their homes or places of habitual residence in particular as a result of or in order to avoid the effects of armed conflict, situations of generalized violence, violation of human rights, natural or human-made disasters, and who have not crossed an internally recognized state border.ECOWAS Special Representative to Liberia, Ambassador Tunde O. Ajisomo, said the workshop about Post-IDP Conference Advocacy Mission to Liberia was meant to discuss the adoption of the commitment Liberia had made with respect to the Kampala Convention about the welfare of the IDPs.He said there were discussions at a local resort in Monrovia a few years back where the need for making laws to protect IDPs was discussed, and with this commitment, ECOWAS is looking up toLiberia’s Lawmakers to ratify the Convention.The Ebola crisis, coupled with other natural disasters, Ambassador Ajisomo said, drives internal displacement and urged ECOWAS countries to remain vigilant and strengthen the health sector in a collective effort.It was noted that the recent flood disaster due to heavy downpour had displaced many residents of Monrovia, while fire disasters and demolition of congested slum communities in Accra had displaced thousands in Ghana.For UNHCR Acting Representative Loli Kimyaci, her organization has been collaborating with the Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC), and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) to sensitize people about the significance of ratifying the Kampala Convention.Dr. Fatimata Dia Sow, ECOWAS Social and Gender Affairs Commissioner, also recalled that an agreement had been reached among West African leaders for strong implementation of the Kampala Convention, and sensitization carried out so that people will be aware of its domestication and implementation.She said the meeting on July 2, 2015, was a snapshot to get ECOWAS countries to see reason for the implementation of the convention since it has been agreed on by all parties.Justice Minister Benedict Sannoh, who arrived when the opening formalities were drawing to a close, said Liberia remains committed to ECOWAS and the Kampala Convention as ECOWAS’ role in restoring peace in the sub-region is visible to all.He also noted that signing and ratifying Convention was not enough, but Africans must learn to domesticate and reform laws that will be in conformity with international instruments.Nimba County Representative, Sam Kogar, in remarks, pledged to rally his fellow lawmakers to ensure the Convention is ratified.The discussion held in Monrovia was in commemoration of the IDP Sensitization Mission to Liberia’s 40th Anniversary. The discussions took into consideration scores of issues including humanitarian affairs policy and action plan, presentation of the Kampala Convention and outcomes.The Kampala Convention of the African Union (AU) on IDPs adopted by ECOWAS underscores that state parties are obligated to prevent political, social, cultural and economic exclusion and marginalization of citizens. State parties are also to ensure individual responsibility and accountability for acts of arbitrary displacement, including that of non-state actors, and may seek the cooperation of international organizations or humanitarian agencies and civil society organizations.The convention further obligates parties to protect their populations against arbitrary displacement and displacement caused by development projects.During period of displacement, state parties are also called to bear the primary responsibility for providing protection and assistance to IDPs within their territories, including IDPs registration and documentation. They are expected to respect the mandate of the AU and the United Nations (UN) and the role of international humanitarian agencies in providing protection and assistance, respecting the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence of humanitarian actors.The Kampala Convention requires state parties to protect humanitarian personnel respect and ensure respect for the civilian and humanitarian character of places where IDPs are sheltered.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

More Elon Musk Video Game Analogies

first_imgStay on target Elon Musk’s Cheeky ‘Nuke Mars!’ Post Is Taking Over TwitterTesla EV Catches Fire After Colliding With Tow Truck in Moscow Elon Musk is at it again! You would hope that having more money than God would give one the peace of mind to not be dumb in the news quite so often, but here we are with another Musk internet scandal. Granted, this one isn’t a serious as porn site propositions, interfering in Thai cave rescues, chumming around with teen blood connoisseur Peter Thiel, or scaring Tesla investors with tweets about 420. But it is pretty scandalous.Presumably as preparation for his role as a rich mad South African video game tech villain in Watch_Dogs 3 or Far Cry 2-2 (he already tried cancelling Fornite) recently Musk tweeted seemingly nonsensical comparisons between video games and social media platforms.Twitter is Dark Souls of social media. Reddit is Bloodborne. Insta is Zelda.— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 21, 2018We like to consider ourselves pretty knowledgeable about video games around here, but we’re having some trouble wrapping our heads around this one. Is Zelda the same thing as Instagram because it’s full of beautiful vistas? I get that Twitter is Dark Souls because they’re both bad, and that Bloodborne is Reddit because those are also both bad. But Dark Souls and Bloodborne are extremely similar, whereas Twitter and Reddit are not.Puzzling this out though we think gave us some fascinating insight into how Musk compares video games and social media networks. And pretty much the only use of this non-skill is coming up with some more Elon Musk video game analogies and sharing them with you all. So that’s what we’re doing.Steel Diver is Tinder…Because Musk can’t think of submarines without making it sexual for no reason.Red Dead Redemption 2 is LinkedIn…Because 100-hour work weeks by unorganized labor forces sounds like Musk’s kind of business.Metal Gear Solid 2 is Facebook…Because it’s about shadow oligarchs running online social disinformation campaigns to rule the world.Batman: Arkham Knight is 4Chan…Because Batman, 4Chan users, and of course Elon Musk are the dark truth tellers the world needs but doesn’t deserve.Forza Horizon is PayPal…Because they represent both sources of Musk’s wealth: making money from cars and making money from money.StarCraft With Cheats On Is YouTube…Because they both make you feel like strategy masterminds even when your sheer privilege renders you immune from all consequences, like smoking a blunt on a podcast.Kerbal Space Program is Mastodon…Because for whatever reason I still have faith in the idea of Musk’s space ambitions and the idea of an alternate instanced elephant-based Twitter competitor.Of course, this was all just a lead up to the most cursed Elon Musk content of all.ianime— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 22, 2018I’m sorry you all had to see that. For more on Elon Musk check out his hot takes on nanotechnology and flamethrowers.last_img read more