Laguna Novigrad bought Dalmatia hotels

first_imgLaguna Novigrad dd, one of the leading tourist companies operating under the Aminess hotels and campsites brand, has concluded an agreement to take over Dalmacija hotela doo, which is majority owned by HTP Korčula and HTP Orebić. Cover photo: HTP Korcula, Port 9 The companies owned by Dalmacija Hotel have 7 hotels, an apartment complex and a camp with mobile homes with a total capacity of 1.000 accommodation units, while 6 hotels, 3 camps with mobile homes and a complex of villas in Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia with a capacity of 3.850 accommodation units already operate under the Aminess brand. The combined companies employ more than 800 workers, and last year they realized about 1,43 million overnight stays with a revenue of 440 million kuna. “With this acquisition, HTP Korčula and HTP Orebić get a quality and proven partner that will ensure the continuation of successful business and added value for destination development. The takeover itself is coming, in a difficult time for tourism that we have not witnessed since the Homeland War, but it also shows the confidence of investors in the long-term perspective and sustainability of Croatian tourism. We are focused on achieving the synergy effects of united companies as soon as possible and preparing for the next, in many ways, challenging season. The goal is to connect and jointly develop all destinations in order to get the best possible tourist and economic effect, and preserve jobs in a region where tourism is one of the most important industries. The task is not simple, but we believe in the quality and potential of Korcula and Peljesac”, Said the President of the Management Board of Laguna Novigrad, Zrinka Bokulić. Aminess recently expanded its business to the island of Krk by taking over the management of the tourist company Hoteli Njivice doo, whose ultimate majority owners are also Oleg Uskoković and J&T Private Equity Group Croatia Investments. The company consists of two hotels, a villa complex and a camp that now operates under the Aminess brand. The value of the transaction is 140 million kuna, which will be provided by Laguna Novigrad by recapitalizing the indirect majority owner, the company Auctor Holding as from Prague, which is owned Oleg Uskokovic and J&T Private Equity Group Croatia Investments from Prague. The right to participate in the recapitalization of Laguna Novigrad will be provided to other shareholders in proportion to their participation in the share capital of the company. Considering the capacities and development potentials, the business goal of Laguna Novigrad is to be included among the 5 leading hotel groups in Croatia. With regard to the acquisition of a majority stake in the companies HTP Korčula and HTP Orebić, Laguna Novigrad will announce a mandatory offer to take over the remaining shares within the prescribed period.  Dalmatia Hotels was established by the Prosperus FGS Economic Cooperation Fund, which became the majority owner in 2014 as part of a pre-bankruptcy settlement, thus avoiding the bankruptcy of two key hotel companies in southern Dalmatia.last_img read more

Tottenham star Alderweireld buys iPads and laptops to help coronavirus victims

first_imgThe government has asked all pubs, clubs, theatres and gyms to close, with the British public advised to implement social distancing.However, some individuals have chosen to ignore the strict advice, potentially putting thousands of lives in danger – something Vertonghen is clearly not happy about.Best coronavirus memes – People are finding entertainment wherever they can during self-isolation 3TOBY ALDERWEIRELD is buying up iPads and laptops to help coronavirus victims keep in touch with concerned friends and relatives.The Spurs defender has joined the groundswell of footballers keen to help out in the fight against the global pandemic.⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates3 Alderweireld is doing his bit to help coronavirus victims stay in contact with loved ones by buying them laptops and iPads. More than 5,000 people have contracted the virus in the UKCredit: AFP or licensorsAnd he has urged his 675,000 social media followers to follow the government guidelines to slow the spread of the crisis.Belgian international Alderweireld said: “The virus creates many needs, especially the lack of personal contact for the people who are sick and can’t see their families.“My plan is to buy dozens of tablets to give to the hospitals and nursing homes so people who are isolated can video chat with their friends and loved ones to get through these tough periods.“So in the next few days and weeks I will be trying to get those tablets to the places where they can help.”And I hope that anyone who can spare or give anything they can will also help a little bit the people in need to still see their families and friends. Because that will help a lot.“I hope that everyone is following the government measures to stop the further spread of the coronavirus. Stay strong together.”Alderweireld’s support for victims of the deadly bug comes as his Spurs team-mate Jan Vertonghen called for people to be fined for violating protection measures.3The Belgian centre-back took to social media to express his views with the football season having ground to a halt due to the spread of the outbreak.And Vertonghen believes any fines brought against individuals breaking the rules should paid back into the NHS.He tweeted: “Should fine big time for everyone who’s not respecting the protection measures and give the money back to NHS, doctors, nurses, key workers etc… #SocialDistancing.”Should fine big time for everyone who’s not respecting the protection measures and give the money back to NHS, doctors, nurses, key workers etc… #SocialDistancing— Jan Vertonghen (@JanVertonghen) March 22, 2020last_img read more

Discord Dishes on Teen Gaming Chat Trends

first_img Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)Get Used to ‘Fortnite’s’ Powerful Mech Suits Stay on target In the increasingly online and social world of video games, chat services have carved out a nice little cottage industry from themselves allowing distant friends to communicate with each other. These days, the chat service to beat is Discord, who you may remember as the platform that let Ninja and Drake play Fortnite together.After initially stumbling with mobile MOBAs and pre-Game Center ways of engaging with iOS games, the brains behind Discord finally struck gold by pivoting towards chat servers. And now they’ve got free and subscribing customers in pretty much everywhere in the world except China.Discord has also become highly popular among teens. And at a recent brunch we got to sit down with the company to learn about some trends they’ve been seeing among their young audience (trends gathered through a third-party poll since Discord thankfully doesn’t data-mine customers). 1,875 kids between age 14 and 18 responded, with males making up 66 percent and females making up 33 percent. Their answers may surprise you, but again, that is what teens tend to do.At least for the foreseeable future, Discord is primarily built for online multiplayer gaming sessions. If a feature well-suited for more casual chat apps, like sending GIFs, negatively impacts gaming then it’s not implemented. Many even use Discord to circumvent the failings of other gaming platforms like the Nintendo Switch and its disappointing online communication features.However, teens aren’t just using the service for gaming. They’re using it to do homework together or simultaneously watch Netflix. While Discord does have public servers, customers gravitate towards private ones where they can just talk to friends. This cuts down on the potential toxic behavior of strangers. 80 percent of respondents said they chat with people they know, which is a shift from early days of the internet where naive young people seemed much more willing to interact with strangers.That’s great news for clueless parents, but ultimately they have to have faith in Discord itself to keep children safe. Outside of just stealing your kids phones and manually changing their profile, there are no parental control features, just guides to read. Discord complies with law enforcement and is quick to take action against flagged accounts. Servers from trusted partners like specific game publishers get verified. Discord also takes down accounts found to be under the 13-year-old age minimum. But several parents at the brunch still expressed interest in true robust parental control features.We didn’t just gain insight on teen’s safety, though. We also learned about their interests. Users are treating Discord like a social network, 59 percent chat while only 41 percent post on social media. Chat is joined at the hip with playing video games, 70 percent chat with friends while gaming (or 80 percent if you game every day). Boys are also more likely to chat while gaming compared to girls, 76 percent vs 57. But if you consider how shamefully hostile the gaming community still is towards women that’s sadly not too surprising. 56 percent of respondents reported seeing hate speech, regardless of their own gender.Other information includes the fact that over half of respondents watch eSports, while 38 percent don’t watch real sports. Budgets were also surprisingly varied, with 59 percent spending less than $100 per year on games while 11 percent spend over $1,000. Average times spent gaming were pretty evenly spread between “less than 30 minutes” and “over four hours.”But the most intriguing tidbit to me is the fact that even after growing up with them, and even after hardcore mobile gaming product releases like Razer Phone, today’s teens still don’t see mobile phones as devices primarily for games. Only 15 percent felt that way. 38 percent say phones are mostly for chatting while 17 percent use them for music. 46 percent of girls enjoy mobile games versus only 24 percent of boys. But who knows if the smash, school-ruining success of Fortnite mobile last month has altered the data from this February poll.I’m no parent, but I do rest easier believing that video games and chatting online aren’t totally ruining today’s youth. Discord’s poll supports that belief well enough. The kids sound alright!Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more